From prototype to tool manufacturing

Our strengths: integrated engineering and tool shop

The planning and the manufacturing of stamping tools are the key elements for processing stamped metal parts for your industrial project.
The progression-, transfer- and single tools are designed by using the Software SolidWorks.
We manage your projects of cutting & stamping parts according to your specifications or with our support in the design phase.
Our organization, manower and technical skills allow us to control the complete industrial process.

Progression and transfer tools

The toolmakers service maintain a store of about 300 tools (progression and transfer tools). In parallel our tool service has also the know-how of handling carbide tool components.

Conventional and CNC controlled machines for tool manufacturing

2 CAD-workstations (SolidWorks/LogoPress)
1 CNC milling machine
1 CNC lathe
2 conventional milling machines
1 jig boring machine
1 wire electro-erosion machine
1 CNC electro-spark machine
7 horizontal-grinding machines
1 profile-grinding machine
2 coordinate-grinding machines
1 3D-measuring machine