Cutting & stamping in the segments:
Household and
kitchen sector

Cutting and stamping of stainless steel cooking utensils

ADIAMIX is located in the previous building of the former company MOULINEX. We are still providing its know-how for some traditional products, like the well known vegetable mill.

Cutting and stamping parts for the household and cooking sector

ADIAMIX is producing various stainless steel cutting and stamping parts (materials with high corrosion resistance):

  • vegetable mills,
  • vegetable choppers,
  • cheese graters,
  • skimmers,
  • scoops,
  • moulds and diverse containers as well as stainless steel kitchen utensils.

We are processing various parts for electrical household appliances.

Through our expertise, we are also capable to manufacture metal parts such as clips to fix all kind of kitchen elements.