Cutting & stamping in the segments:
Heating- and

Cutting & stamping parts for pumps

Cutting and stamping parts for pumps and circulation systems

Production of medium and high volumes for pump industry:

  • filters,
  • flanges,
  • radiators,
  • housing components,
  • pump frames,
  • connectors,
  • radiator sockets,
  • valves,
  • pistons,
  • pump housings,
  • pump sockets…

The manufactured parts are in accordance to their specification for their application: oil- , hydrocarbon- water- and vacuumpumps.

Our parts for the sanitary and heating sector: Components for electrical radiators, thermostats, boilers and plugs.
ADIAMIX processes also thermostatic cartridges and electrothermical actuators.

Various applications in stainless steel are applied for fittings, brackets, mountings, sieves and sinks.

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